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"Sea" What You've Been Missing

Since the mid-1920's, ferries have connected the coastal communities of Eastern North Carolina. The original ferries were privately operated. Although they provided few passenger amenities, they were vital to life in the region's small communities. Ferries provided transportation for goods, medical supplies and other services need for everyday life.

In 1934, the state of North Carolina began subsidizing these private services. The North Carolina Department established the N.C. Ferry Division in 1947.

Traveling on the North Carolina Ferry System is an unforgettable experience that gives you a bird's eye view of clear blue water and sandy beaches. On your next visit to eastern North Carolina, take a moment to enjoy the view from the water. Ride one of the North Carolina ferries and "Sea What You've Been Missing."

For more information or reservations on the North Carolina Ferry Sytem, call 1-800-BY-FERRY (1-800-293-3779)
or click here for ferry schedules and additional information.

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